Wild Harvest Coffee was a company started out of a desire to do coffee better. We didn't realise how little we knew and how much we still have to learn every day in this industry that is ever changing. But as we've evolved, it's become more than just processing a product to be consumed, but realising the fruits of hundreds and thousands of people's labour.

Our name alludes to where our coffee comes from and what it is. It started with a Wild plant in Ethiopia 700 years ago, if you believe the legend, by a goat herder named Kaldi taking a rest. It has slowly made it's way around the globe and is now one of the most traded commodity on the planet and employees over 20 million people. Most of us just think of it as a drink, but to those who farm it, it's the seed of the coffee plant and the source of income to feed their family and the largest export for 40 of the 70 coffee growing countries.

It's because of this Harvest of coffee cherries each season, that we are fortunate enough to enjoy the sweet elixir. That's why we feel a sense of responsibility to do it justice, to put in the work developing the beans flavour with as much care and thought as farmers do each day as they nurture their plants.

So if you've been on this journey with us over the years, thanks for your support, we hope you've noticed our commitment to your daily coffee ritual. And if you are here for the first time, we welcome you to explore this exhilarating harvest we're still being surprised by every day.