Welcome To Our Refreshed Look

It's been a while since we launched our website and things change very quickly online, so we thought it was time to make things a little newer. You'll notice that other then the look of things, we've added a range of brewing equipment. We've tried a wide array of devices and contraptions over the years, so we've landed on a few that we know can be relied on to produce a delicious coffee by different means.

First on the list is our range of Hario gear, a company that has been around since 1929, but is developing todays stand out coffee gear. We have a couple of devices to raise your filter coffee to new heights, while also giving you an option to make delicious cold brew for the coming hot summer months.

For those wanting a versatile, go anywhere coffee brewing alternative, the AeroPress coffee maker is one very clever unit. This device makes the richest, fullest flavour coffee with lower bitterness and acidity then espresso preparation. It also leaves zero grinds in your cup, owing to its super fine paper filter.

But how can you prepare your coffee without a grinder? Well we have a hand grinder option that's up to the task with the Porlex Mini. It's a clever little thing, with ceramic blades that make an even grind no matter where you find yourself. The portability means you can take it anywhere and fits conveniently inside the AeroPress unit if you're traveling and what to make the best coffee on the move.

We also have added a variable temperature kettle to compliment any brewing method, cleaning equipment for your espresso machine and any brewing device that requires it and the exceptional Bonavita Filter maker that is set to the perfect temperature, so you can do away with the old models that make a bitter brew.

As we continue to evolve, we hope you will enjoy what we have to offer and keep an eye out for other new products and coffees that we'll be bringing online in the future.

Happy Brewing!